Tournée Australie 2019 – 29 mars – Jour 3

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Tournée Australie 2019 – Du 27 mars au 06 mai

29 mars 2019 – Jour 3

News from down under


My trip in the land of « Oz » is going well. I have been eating tasty, local in season fruits & vegetables as it is the beginning of autumn down here. I especially fancy the pairs. The rollerskiing has been taking some getting used to as the vehicles drive on the opposite side of the road like they do in the UK. But at least the Ozzies are respectful and polite. Haven’t had any honkers except for several young drivers driving by with the windows down with yells or shouts of curiousity or wonder.

And haven’t seen any wild animals yet. But I noticed lots of exotic birds who squak and communicate differently from our bird species in Canada. When I rollerski exercise I pull an old pair of skis via a bungee cord attached to my backpack. This is strength or resistance training, publicity for skiing and it wards off dangerous serpents, spiders & crocodiles with the rattling noise the skis make by being dragged on the pavement. The vibrational noise of the skis would certainly ward off any other pesky animals. For example, wild Dingos, Kangaroos, Walabies, bushtail Possums, long clawed Koala Bears, flying Foxes, burrowing Wombats and humped spitting Camels! And if I need to go for a refreshing swim I will be unprotected except for my instincts and keen sense of observation. I must avoid the Sharks, Stonefish, blue ringed Octopus, Jellyfish, Stingrays, salt water Crocodiles and Barracudas? Haven’t swam yet but if I do it will be a quick dip. No frolicking in the water for me. I will be visiting Green Island off the Great Barrier Reef for a bit of snorkeling & sightseeing but that’s NOT scheduled until May 4th. Maybe by then I will have developed innate Australian survival skills. No danger of snowstorms or Polar Bears here I can assure you of that!!

And my message about health awareness is generally well accepted by the public. My message is « Smoke less, exercise more & eat sensibly » Here are some funny anecdotes from people I have presented the message to. Australians are candid…

« Smoking is the devils advocate »
« Eat more, smoke more and exercise less »
« I just quit smoking, it’s better late than never »
« Is smoking marijuana ok? »
« I only eat fast food »
« I’m too busy to eat healthy »
« Is sex considered exercise »
« Are you rollerskiing around Australia in its entirety? »
« Do you take the rollerskis off when you sleep or shower? »
« Are you an ex-smoker? »

And here are some Australian expressions…

« Good on ya mate »
« Gooday mate »
« Bye bye is ta »
« McDonald’s is Maccas »
« Thongs are shoes »
« Bottleshop is Botlle O »
« Service station is Serv O »
« Kangaroo is a Roo »
« Barbecue is a Barbie and shrimp is a Prawn »

Lol ?

And I will leave you all with a positive or clean joke… « Seven days without laughter makes one week(weak) »


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