Tournée Australie 2019 – 20 avril – Jour 25

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Tournée Australie 2019 – Du 27 mars au 06 mai

20 avril 2019 – Jour 25

Greetings from Oz

Australia observations/comments:

Australians give bad directions but are polite and try to help.

Australians have problems understanding Canadians!! And vice versa.

Australian police drive fast. Especially late at night. It’s hard to tell the difference between a police car & an ambulance car. They look alike.

When it rains, it pours!!

The birds are strange and squawk (depending on the species of bird) differently or uniquely. Kookaburra, Lorikeet & Emu!!!

From away most branches look like snakes even branches hanging from trees.

The east coast of Australia has humid weather. Warm & humid!!

Never attempt to cross a roundabout unless it’s really necessary. It’s especially hairy on rollerskis.
If you think Canadian coins have strange shapes and animals on them take a look at the Australian coins.

Australians prefer the beach and surf. There you find the real Ozzies! A surfboard is more common than skis!!

Aboriginals are dark coloured but have bright, white smiles.

Many trees are deformed and strange looking.

The bike paths are too few and too narrow. Cyclists are equally rare!

Everyday I see hundreds of overweight people and smokers. Fortunately I see tenfold as many fit looking people. Alcohol is readily available. Liquorland is the name for a chain of liquor stores. As I write to you these words a Nation wide police campaign warns drink or drug drivers to watch out. The campaign is to last the entire Easter weekend up to and including Anzac day on April 23.

Massage palours are common. I suspect the Asian masseuses offer more than just massages!?!

Health food stores are trendy and quite common. Especially in the bigger towns. Pharmacies too. Australian pharmacies are less of a general store than in Canada. Good thing considering the fact that when people visit a pharmacy it’s generally to purchase a pharmaceutical product rather than a processed food or condiment. And yes I have been a witness to seeing people sleeping beside bus stops or alongside buildings. Extreme poverty is also a problem in Australia. Those sleeping outside do so in noisy downtownish locations. Not ideal for restorative sleep. At least the temperature never drops below 0 celsius. Those who do so in Canada in January probably have to contend with the bitter cold! But not here!!
And as for wild animals I have observed many species. In the evening shade as well as at night.
And when darkness falls… Watch for bats!! A flying fox is really a flying bat. I have seen many clustered together hanging upside down from treetops. And have experienced the odd bat flying low or closeby. Their faces definitely look like the face of a fox or a small dog. (Chihuahua face)
I have also witnessed Goana’s sunbathing beside the bike trail or walking paths. They tend to creep away as soon as they hear or see me coming. From afar they look like fat snakes with legs attached. They love sticking out their black tongues with flickering black oval alien eyes.
Kangaroos are more common inland and so far I have seen only small grey ones. Afew 6 footers. Usually spotted in groups of 2 more. They seem to be sociable
and congregate in groups.
Snakes on the other hand tend to be more solitary. Thankfully I have not seen one yet and I hope not to see any for the remainder of my trip. Nevertheless they are more prevalent in Northern Australia. This is the direction I’m headed. So fingers crossed against seeing snakes, crocodiles and under the influence drivers. I salute you from the land Down Under or Terra Australis Incognita??


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