Tournée Australie 2019 – 03 mai – Jour 38

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Tournée Australie 2019 – Du 27 mars au 06 mai

03 mai 2019 – Jour 38

« Le Skike! Un sport polyvalent et agréable! »



Northern Australia

Here I am at the City of Cairns! Queensland’s most northerly city, framed by a backdrop of rainforest mountains and fringed by the Coral Sea, is the heart of the Tropical North and an ideal base from which to explore the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics rainforest. Tomorrow I will send you pictures and videos of me hiking the Tropical rainforest and snorkeling in the coral sea. Both of these most fascinating ecosystems are World Heritage listed! Named Australia’s most liveable regional centre with 164,000 residents. The Cairns region is the traditional land of Bama Aboriginal people and continues to be home to Aboriginal people from three main language groups and 15 clan groups.

Cairns is renowned for its fresh, exotic produce and international standard restaurants, bistros and cafes open late into the evening. Art galleries, cinemas, quality nightclubs, a centre for contemporary arts, a Civic Theatre and Convention Centre hosts symphony orchestras and world class ballet.

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