The world famous cross country ski race in Northern Italy. Marcialonga 30-01-22

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Here I am double poling up the Cascata. A 2km uphill climb before reaching the finish line. After 68kms all skiers of Worldloppet Marcialonga have to make a supreme effort going up this rather steep hill. The 70km XC ski race ends at the top of this hill in the picturesque village of Cavalese❤️

Despite the gruelling effort the weather was awesome. -2c at the start in Moena and +8 at the finish in Cavalese. Sun with blue skies.

Thank you Maria for taking my picture and also a big thank you for inspiring me with your words of encouragement!! I recognized you the moment I passed you. I hope you visit me in Canada soon?
The last 2 kms of Marcialonga is straight uphill. And this after XC ski racing 68kms!!

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