Phil is getting ready to Skike through Scandinavia in May 2016

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First, a stop in Iceland for a Worldloppet race    <—click to see the pictures

Phil Skikes across Malmo   <—more pics here

Cruising thru Ystad   <— Yes ! Pics !

Moving on to Kalmar, Jönköping & Linköping   <— You get it by now , right?

In & around central Sweden  <— Go ahead, we dare you…

Next stop: Umeâ  <— Tired of clicking? Phil isn’t tired of Skiking !

The great (white?) north: northern Sweden and Findland  <— Will this trip ever end? The webmaster is running out of funny things to write here!

Almost done: from Kiruna (Still Sweden) to Narvik, Norway  <— Second to last leg…almost there

The last leg: Narvik to Bodo, Norway  <— Is it just me or do I smell poutine ?

June 2nd, 2016

That’s it folks. As I write this, Phil is probably Skiking up and down the aisle aboard IcelandAir on his way back to his beloved Annie. Thank you for following Phil’s antics on this beautiful trip and feel free to leave him a message or two or some comments on his Facebook Page.

How is your Swedish? See Phil’s interview and his video on Swedish media.

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Sweet Sweden!!

Sweet smelling pine trees, tasty blueberry & lingonberry juice, nice-friendly people and perfectly groomed cross country ski trails....

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