Germany & Austria, February 2016

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The best and yet closest place to cross country ski train was in Ehrwald, Austria. We stayed near the fabled Worldloppet in Bavarian Germany. Because the event was cancelled due to lack of snow, we would travel 45 minutes by car to Ehrwald. Every day for six consecutive days we would travel from Eschenlohe Germany to Ehrwald Austria. Ehrwalder Alm Ski resort is twice the size of Mont-Tremblant with twice as many xc ski trails. And wide, well groomed trails. More than enough snow. 2 meters!! But we also visited a monastery, museum and castles in Germany. These are the small German towns we visited in Bavaria…Ettal, Murnau, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Schwangau.  Hopefully, the ski event will never be cancelled again due to lack of snow or whatever other reason… Please see their website.

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